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As our data provider changed internals, we can no longer obtain latest financial data from this free source. Hence, we are looking for someone to sponsor a paid data membership from another provider to help keeping this website alive! More details can be found here.

Free market breadth data for stock and crypto indices

We believe that market breadth data helps to see the bigger picture, leading to smarter and better investment decisions.

Originally, those market breadth indicators were calculated and used by private individuals, but since we have this data anyway, we decided to share it with you.

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Market Breadth Indicators
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More confidence for investment decisions

New dashboard with grouped indicators

Originally, we stored our market breadth data in a database and had the visualizations done by a multi-purpose tool. After some tweaking, we managed to add our own plotting, allowing us to compare the market breadth indicators directly to the index history. This specialized charting dashboard is exported on daily basis for each index individually, providing you with the latest market breadth data.

Your analysis

Gain your own impression by directly comparing the market breadth indicators to the index price history.

Your favorites

We will try to add as many indices as possible, allowing you to track your favorite index.

Let’s keep this website pain-free

We want to provide our self-generated market breadth data for free. You can browse all available pages on this website without a subscription or buying anything.

Since we always try to keep the costs down, we also hope that we can continue to run without the need for ads or affiliate links.

All pages on this website are publicly available. There is no need to create an account or to login.

We think that it is not necessary to hide our market breadth data behind a paywall or registration forms.

Our market breadth data is generated on daily basis and uploaded to this website automatically.

Since market breadth data is bit slow, we will have one update within 24 hours.