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Who we are and why we are doing this

A quick overview

We provide free market breadth indicators for many stock and crypto indices, helping you to make better trading and investment decisions.

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It all started with a simple blog

We started off by creating a simple blog on Blogger, called Boersen Klaus. “Boersen Klaus” is the nick name of the private individual running this blog.

On that blog, we posted frequent (almost daily) updates on several indices, including their price and their Advanced vs. Declined data. Later the Advance Decline Line was added to all listed indices.

In addition, we started of a series of blog posts called “State of Dax”, where we would report about the health state of Germany’s well-known stock index.

During July 2021, we decided to register a domain for the blog and made it available at blog.advance-decline.net.

During the following weeks, the McClellan indicators were added and for DAX the percentage of members trading above their SMAs were included in our frequent updates.

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Who and why

Who we are

We are not really a company or a real organization. Instead, this website is driven by a private individual who likes to explore market breadth data.

From time to time, a third-party contributes advise, data or something else to this little project.

It is clear that using the term “we” might be misleading when stating that “we” are providing free market breadth data or that “we” are working on something new.

However, it also feels natural to say “we” since other individuals contributed stuff as well, so by using “we” their work is being honored.

What advance-decline.net is

This website aims to provide free market breadth data for various stock and crypto indices. This is done by generating a market breadth charting dashboard for each index we have in our repertoire.

See this website as a free service to everyone who is interested in the health state of a stock or crypto index. And everyone is welcome to browse this data and to contribute ideas of how to make this little project even better.

Why we are doing this

The founder of this project is a private individual who is investing in index-related exchange traded products. In addition to typical saving plans, this private individual wanted to find a way to time investments and trades for improved returns.

After discovering market breadth indicators, it was clear that they provide a powerful way of timing the market, however, those tools are considered as an addition to other ways of analyzing the markets.

Still, since this private individual was already generating market breadth data, it felt natural to share the data with other people.