Market Barometer

New Crypto Market Barometer

Crypto Market Barometer

How to read the crypto market barometer: We believe that there is a good indication if a market is bearish or bullish. Simply take a look at how many of the selected crypto currencies trade above their important SMAs (market breadth). If their share is 50% or greater, we can assume we are in a bull market. It is important that the gauge for the mid- and long-term SMAs is bullish, otherwise we might just observe a bear market rally within a bear market. If you see that all gauges above display 0% and think this is an error, please think twice – in bear markets, this situation might happen more often than you think.

About our Financial Market Barometers

Crypto Market Barometer

Displaying the state of the crypto markets in one single graphic: This is what our crypto market barometer tries to achieve.

We look at the 10 biggest crypto currencies (by official market capitalization, according to BitPanda’s BCI10 index) and check how many of those crypto currencies trade above their most important SMAs.

By looking at different SMAs, we can gauge short-term, mid-term and long-term time frames. The data is updated daily and thus has a delay for a couple of hours.

Stock Market Barometers

This feature is still under development.  Similar to the crypto markets, we will try to gauge the stock market state.

Currently, we are looking for reliable data sources that can serve as a good foundation for our own calculations.

Work in progress.

Other Market Barometers

Stock markets and crypto market sentiment indicators – this is what we might look at as well. Furthermore we are also looking into other markets and check if they have a (negative) correlation with the crypto and stock markets.

Since we want to work on crypto and stock market barometers first and complete our work there, it might take a while until other market barometers might be released here.

What about the other markets?

Where is the market barometer for the stock markets?

We totally understand that you are asking for the stock market barometers. The truth is, that we just started our work on the market barometers, and we are simply not done yet.