Sponsor for finance data membership wanted

Update 02. Jan 2023:

  • Working on a new tool set for data ingestion and chart generation will take much more longer than expected
  • We did not find a sponsor for the data subscription
  • Hence we are currently thinking about how we can proceed without having additional costs


Update 12. Nov 2022:

  • We still have no sponsor for a data provider yet
  • We started with the design for new automation and tooling to be more provider-independent in the future
  • We will start to implement a specific new data provider afterwards; we already have one in mind and will work with a trial account for 30 days during implementation phase
  • One request we received a lot was to make our data available for download
    • We can do that for our own indicator data, but not for raw stock data as it is usually not allowed by the data provider
    • We will think about this request

Sponsorship wanted!

Our main data provider for US and EU stock indices changed some internals, which is why we can no longer obtain the relevant financial data to calculate our market breadth indices for you.

Unfortunately, we need to switch to a new data provider and as of now, it looks like there is no legal and free data provider for our use case.

Hence, we are looking for a sponsor that provides a paid finance data membership for either financialmodelingprep.com (20 USD/month) or finnhub.io (150 USD/month).

With your help, we would be able to obtain reliable finance data from a single source and even provide more relevant indicators to you. Also, since historical data for the last years should be available from those providers, we would be able to offer long-term market breadth indicators for you (e.g. Advance Decline Line for the last 10 years).

As a sponsor, we would be willing to put your name on the website on a prominent spot (e.g. “data sponsored by company_name” in the footer or header).

If you could imagine providing data sponsorship for this website, please reach out to us to discuss the next steps via feedback@advance-decline.net.

Your contribution is important to us, as it would allow us to continue this free website to the community.